April 2014 Ministry Update

McVety News!

I think its been a while since we wrote an update for you- our sincere apologies. We are VERY excited to share this update with you.

You’ve probably heard us say by now that the highest demographic for divorce is at year 7, followed closely by year 25+. But something Melissa and I are running into is a seemingly high number of marriages in the 10 year range that are struggling. Couples who have made it through the hardest years of young children and mostly have their career direction and schooling done who find that they haven’t done any marriage maintenance and care. The results are disconnection, poor communication, unmet and unspoken expectations and even layers of unspoken hurt and damage.

We’re caring for people in this position in all time frames of marriage, and we deeply appreciate your prayers as we help them navigate, communicate and forgive each other.


Our encouragement and challenge to you is to be intentional about your marriage. Maybe even take on the challenge of attending a marriage enrichment day/weekend every year (or max 2) to make sure you’re on the right track. Even if things are good, it doesn’t mean they can’t be amazing! If there is one thing Melissa and I can attest to, its that our marriage is stronger and more fulfilling since we’ve started with DFR, partially because we have to be so intentional about our relationship as we teach on it with real examples and apply everything we teach.

Melissa’s School Update:

Over the last number of months we have had some shifts and adjustments in our schedule, primarily because of Melissa’s workload and commitments. She had been finding that the challenge of Master’s level schooling, work and family life were wearing on our family too much and really felt God leading her to take a step back from school. Although its still her dream she has found God asking her to put all of her effort and passion into ministering to others through DFR while at the same time caring for her family. We are blessed to have her as a mother, wife and partner and I must admit, I wasn’t able to keep things together as well when she was in school. We are thanking God for the direction and also the renewed focus on pursuing the platform He has given us right now through our ministry with Doing Family Right.

Ministry Update:

In terms of our ministry life, well- there was an 8 week period where I worked every Saturday. As you can imagine I was happy to have two in a row where I could spend time with my kids- and work on some house renovations too.

So what has been keeping us to busy on weekends?

Here is a quick glimpse:

  1. Spoke at a children’s ministry conference
  2. 2 weekends of parenting curriculum writing
  3. Spoke on a panel about dating and relationships for a young adult ministry here in town.
  4. Podcast recordings
  5. One full Fusion 2:1 (our marriage day) on our own
  6. Preaching the same weekend
  7. Another Fusion in partnership with Dave and Donalyn
  8. Taught at a Small group conference for pastors
  9. Spoke at a men’s retreat just outside Salmon Arm, BC (Friday-Sunday) For fun, check out this video of me braving a polar bear swim while I was there.

We’ve since been asked to do another children’s ministry conference, Melissa has a women’s retreat she is speaking at in a few weeks and we have more podcast records coming up this weekend as well. Not to mention our summer that is booking fast with camps and preaching etc. This doesn’t include the additional things we have going on like fundraisers (Tough Mudder is coming soon- we’re training hard!) web site updates, concept development for a new “Family Caregroup” idea/curriculum, article writing and we’re even working on a mini-book that will equip families in protecting their kids from the dangers of the internet. We’re praying through some added creative ideas as well, including video development and script writing which is a new challenge.

Added excitement:

Added exciting news for me was the privilege of baptizing someone this past Sunday, he is the husband of one of my old youth-who I baptized 10+ years ago. Talk about an amazing experience, to come full circle with a youth and to be included in the spiritual life of their marriage.

Here is a video of the baptism for all interested:

Josh's baptism

We’re still involved in counseling multiple couples, both in premarital and post marital relationships. So as you can tell, our ministry life is very full and it seems in many ways we are gaining opportunities as people become more and more aware of who we are and how we can serve them-both as individuals and as churches.

Things to pray for:

  1. Wisdom as we counsel and coach marriages and relationships.
  2. Spiritual protection and ears to hear God working and directing.
  3. Strength and energy to balance all of life’s challenges.
  4. Wisdom as we develop new talks, material and curriculum for all of events and teaching we’re doing.
  5. Continued provision with finances and support. God is providing and we know He will continue to- thank you for your support and prayers.

If you are interested in donating towards our ministry to marriages and families we would be honored to have you as part of our team in that way.

Click here for more information on a personal donation.


If you would like to support us in our second year of “Tough Mudder” glory… we would be honored. (one of our annual general fund – fundraisers)

To donate: CLICK HERE

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