McVety Family Ministry Update and Christmas Letter

We had an incredible year! I think its fair to say that we are even Living the Dream! 


Our ministry year has included:

-6 out of 8 summer weeks at camps, including family, kids and teen camps.

-Multiple youth ministry talks

-Youth worker and pastor training

-Marriage conferences

-Parenting conferences

-a 2 week road trip to Saskatoon, Winnipeg and back – for 2 full weekends of ministry

-Spring break camp speaking

-Thanksgiving family camp speaking

-Single Parents Christmas retreat

and so much more! 

We are so deeply honoured and excited to be used by God in such incredible ways.

Our kids are doing great, although not without the usual sibling rivalry. Melissa is enjoying homeschooling them while working part time with me at Doing Family Right and is even finding time to plug away at her Masters degree – one class at a time.

And we’re going to be Grandparents any day now!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support – we couldn’t do this without you!

Attached is a copy of our Christmas Letter 2015

Some of our prayer requests can be found here: Living the Dream

As you pray and as God leads and you feel prompted, here are some ways you can begin/continue to support us.

Ways to donate:


Click on the “Donate now” tab and find our name in the dropdown menu, and fill out the rest of the form. A 2015 tax receipt will be issued for donations before Dec. 30th.

Or Call us to donate at 778-344-0124

Print and Mail: You can also download, fill out and mail McVety Donation Form to us.


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