Baptizing my Daughter

 Baptizing My Daughter

Recently, I had the amazing privilege of baptizing my 12-year-old daughter. Most fathers don’t have this honour or opportunity. Some probably could share in the experience if they asked, but it has never occurred to them. I am here to suggest that you do explore the option.


Baptism is an outward expression of faith – a way to tell the world publicly that you believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for you, to pay the price for your sins. It’s your chance to say you will live your live forever for Jesus, and along with it is an incredible illustration of death to life, as you go under the water, it’s as if you are putting your old self to death “burying it” and you rise again, with a new life in Christ.


There is no greater or more powerful illustration for what Jesus did for us, or for our commitment to Him.


My daughter asked to be baptized, and she clearly understood what it meant and why she wanted to do it. And she asked if I would baptise her! WOW!


Let me explain why this is such an incredible honour.


First, because she cares about my involvement in her life enough to include me.

Second, because our greatest desire as parents is to see our children fall in love with Jesus, and we know that our greatest tool is our ability to model what really matters – so her wanting to be baptised, and particularly by me, shows me that she doesn’t see us as hypocrites.

Third, because, as the most important decision of her life and eternity, there is nothing greater than being a part of that decision, lowering her into the water and lifting her out again!




Afterward I remember feeling like I hadn’t entirely done enough. Sharing the joy, thanking friends and family for being there and baptizing her, felt amazing – but I longed to speak a blessing over her. So I will do that now.


Leigha, you have a deep and caring spirit that longs to care for others and be there for people. You love Jesus deeply and it’s an honour to see you follow Him and see you commit your life to Him. I have never been more honoured, proud or excited than I was to be a part of this experience with you. God has incredible things in store for you. Your sincere care for others will be infectious to the world around you as you follow Him and obey in spite of what the world thinks and what others say. You aren’t afraid to live the way that you know is right, and are proud to be your own person – the person God made you to be.


One of my greatest joys is and will continue to be watching you grow into the woman God has already made you to be, to watch you learn and grow closer to Him with each passing day and year, and to see the world around you respond to the love that Jesus has for you and wants to share through you.


I will love you forever, and nothing you can ever say or do will ever take that love away from you.


Your Dad