Podcasts Featuring the McVetys

It has been a while since I’ve posted a podcast update for everyone.

Here are some of our most recent additions to podcasts that Melissa and I recorded with the DFR team. Thanks for listening, our prayer is that your marriage and family would be blessed and strengthened by our honesty and sharing.

Podcast 50: Securing Your Freedom From Pornography: What Wise Men Addicted Can Do

Podcast 55: Trusting God with the Prodigal: What Happens when Your Teen Rebels?

Podcast 56: PARENT ALERT: 16 Phone Apps Smart Parents are Aware Of

Podcast 59: Bully-Proof: Helping Your Kids through the Hard Stuff

Podcast 61: What to Do If Your Child is Into Porn?

Podcast 64: What Happens When the Butterflies of Love Die?

Going Solo is Dangerous, Take a Chewie With You!

I recently found myself relating to a few themes that I have found in Star Wars. I guess that shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the recent release of “The Force Awakens” but I think I have some grace given that I’ve named my daughter after THE Star Wars Princess and once named a dog Yoda. So, here is the first in a coming series of Star Wars Related Posts.

I love Star Wars, and I couldn’t help but be struck by the reality that Chewbacca and Han have an incredibly unique relationship Continue reading

A Youth Leaders Guide to Supporting Teens Struggling with Porn

This post will serve as a quick guide for youth workers who have someone they are working with and mentoring come to them and confess an issue with porn. The assumption is that they have come in order to get help. This list is directed towards youth workers specifically but can easily be adjusted for someone of any age if the term “parent” is changed to spouse etc. Also note that sharing and accountability as described is best done with people or youth leaders of the same sex. What to do (not in any particular order):

  1. Outline steps they should take.Computer. Computer Problems
  2. Offer to let them check in with you every day.
  3. Offer to help them find help from a counsellor or pastor.
  4. Offer to help them talk with their parents.
  5. Encourage them to educate themselves.
  6. Teach them about God’s design for sex and sexuality.

 What not to do: Continue reading