A New Stage … A Big Shift for the McVety Family

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Following God’s Lead

God has been amazing to us over our last 6 years with Doing Family Right. We moved all the way from Manitoba to be a part of a ministry where Melissa and I could speak, teach and share in ministry together. One where we could encourage marriages and build families highlighting and teaching people what it means to have God at the center of everything that matters most.


Six years of pouring our lives into Doing Family Right has had incredible ups and even a few downs. God has provided in every way, including with peace in hard moments, and incredible and surprising financial gifts at exactly the right moments. God has grown me personally in ways I couldn’t have dreamt, especially ways that I never anticipated when coming on board. I have developed as an itinerant speaker, writing articles and blog posts, podcasts, seminar speaking, and curriculum development. Most recently God allowed me the chance to start “tent making” by charging for counselling. With Melissa by my side I have learned incredible things and have been deeply encouraged by the clients God has allowed me to walk with. The counselling has been going so well that God even opened a door for me to become recognized as a “Master Therapeutic Counsellor” through the ACCT of Canada.


You may have already guessed but God has made it clear to us that our time at DFR has come to an end. I’ve wondered what God might be doing with and through me specifically with all of the things that I have been stretched and pushed to do. For a long time I believed that I would be back in a church again at some point, but through prayer and surprising insights including dreams, affirmation from those closest to me, and promptings on Melissa’s part, God has allowed me an opportunity to combine all of my gifts and developed skills into one place.


I (Dave) have accepted a position as School Counsellor at Langley Christian Middle and High School. It is a 4-day per week role and one where I will have opportunities to teach parenting seminars, counsel students, support teachers and even develop curriculum. As you might imagine my role as counsellor will be deeply rooted with my pastor’s heart as well.


This is a surprise for me, but a good kind of surprise. Finding a fit that was unexpected and a perfect collaboration of all God has done and grown me to be.


Confirmation of this has even been seen in the way that God brought the job into reality.


I applied on a Thursday night, was interviewed the following Monday morning and offered the position 24 hours later. Less than two days later, before I’d even had a chance to tell Dave Currie about the progression, he announced that the he had been lead to close a door at DFR, that door happened to be a major part of the role that Melissa and I had been brought on to help accomplish. And so we found ourselves with 1 opened door and 1 closed one. God’s timing is incredible, even Leigha noted how God took care of us!


An added part of the blessing is that I don’t have to stop doing the private practice work that I have begun and have really found a deep sense of value in. It will allow Melissa and I to continue working with some couples together, and for me to work with both the individuals and couples that God has brought my way.


We don’t have to move away from Merci and her family. We don’t have to wonder and sit in a state of nervousness about where God wants us to go next – all of our potential fears have been accounted for in advance!


Thank you SO much for your support these last 6 years, it is ONLY through you that we have been able to trust and allow God to work in and through us. WE could NOT be here today without you.


A note from Dr. Dave

“To the faithful donors of Dave and Melissa,

These two have served the Lord and DFR so faithfully over these years that I would LOVE to see them blessed with a transitional month of support. The truth is that they served in spite of not getting a full cheque many months. Would you join us in giving through to the end of September as a thank you for their faithfulness (we are personally on their support team too)? Their account would remain open for this purpose until September 30, 2018.

Thanks for Considering This,

Dave Currie”


Also, although we will no longer need your funds for our personal support, Melissa and I are considering developing a charity that would allow us to provide personal counselling at reduced rates for those in need. We will keep you informed as we progress with this and would love for you to begin praying about your potentially partnering with us in providing this form of care.


May the Lord bless you with Peacebeyond measure, in both times of clear leading and times of waiting.


Sincerely yours,

David and Melissa McVety and family


P.S. If you would like to hear more of our story we would LOVE to meet or talk with you in person, thank you again for your continued love, interest, prayers and support.


Please be assured that we will make sure that all of your automatic donations are automatically stopped after September 15.


If you would prefer to stop your automatic donations yourself you can do so by contacting TGCF here:

Phone: 604-960-2595

Toll Free: 1-866-427-2413

Email: info@gcfcanada.com




McVety Prayer and Ministry Update – June 2017

First and foremost…

We would like to say Thank You! Melissa and I want to sincerely express our continual gratitude for your incredible support and love as we work in the trenches with hurting couples and individuals through our ministry with DFR.


We honestly couldn’t do what we do without you!


We realize it’s been a while since we sent an update and we wanted to give you an idea of all the things YOU are a part of and how you can continue praying for us. We also want to remind you of all the things that your financial support is going towards. Although there are honorariums and fees for some of what we do, they don’t come close to covering our salary or living expenses – so from the depth of our hearts THANK YOU!

Leigha and Josiah were AMAZING in their production of Beauty and the Beast!
Leigha and Josiah were AMAZING in their production of Beauty and the Beast!

Counselling ministry


  1. Since opening the DFR Care Centre in September I (Dave) have been running 2 support groups for men struggling with porn and sex addiction. One of the groups is with single college age student striving to purify their lives before it impacts their future marriages. The second group is for married men who have come forward and realised the degree of their problem as well as the true impact that their involvement with lust (in varying degrees) has had on them and their marriage.


As you can imagine, tackling this kind of issue can be a pretty heavy burden – I (Dave) deeply value your prayers for protection for our family and us personally as I tackle the devil’s attempts to destroy the family head on.


  1. Melissa and I have been meeting with 4-6 couples, some for premarital counselling, others for relationship check ups and some with more significant issues. This is both enriching and discouraging at times, but God is sustaining us throughout, and we are honoured to be given an opportunity to minister to them.


  1. I (Dave) have been doing individual recovery counselling and pastoral care type counselling with men (approx. 8), both young and old for varying issues in their lives including relationship, lust, and spiritual ones.


  1. Family mediation; working with 2 individual youth and their parents, and multiple families as they have needed to come up with plans to protect and guide their children through the issue of online pornography.


  1. Personal Mentoring – I (Dave) have been asked to be involved in 3 personal mentoring relationships. These are different than the above because they aren’t necessarily issue-specific but rather requests for someone to walk them through character development as husbands and fathers.



Melissa and I have been pretty busy with speaking this fall. With Melissa being in school and two of our kids being homeschooled it’s been VERY busy. God has been good and has given us the stamina and grace to manage it all.


Here is a list of the events and topics that have been recent, along with our summer schedule:


January 31 Dave and Melissa spoke to the Bakerview Church Youth on pornography

February 5 Dave and Melissa spoke in the morning at Jericho Ridge Community church

February 12 Dave and Melissa spoke to the parents of Jericho Ridge on Raising Kids in a Digital Age

March 10-11 Dave and Melissa spoke on Rest, Burnout and Accountability to the leadership team at Bear Creek Community church @ Charis Camp in Chilliwack, BC.

March 13 Dave taught a class at Columbia Bible College in the “effective relationships” class re: Blended families, conflict resolution, and family dynamics

April 4 – Dave attended a panel discussion to follow the “Over 18” documentary

April 9 Dave and Melissa spoke to the Bakerview Church caregroups on porn awareness and recovery

April 12 – Dave spoke to the Hillcity Church Youth on social media/social life

April 22 – Dave spoke at a Men’s breakfast on accountability in North Langley, BC

April 28-30 Dave and Melissa McVety were keynote speakers @ the BC Christian Home Educators Convention in Kelowna, BC

May 6 – Dave and Melissa spoke at a parent workshop on Raising Kids in a Digital Age in Hope, BC

June 2-4 Dave and Melissa spoke at Timberline Ranch family camp in Maple Ridge, BC

July 16-21 Dave is speaking at Gardom Lake Bible Camp in Enderby, BC

July 30 – Dave is preaching at Grace Church in Abbotsford, BC.

July 30- Aug 4 Dave is speaking at Stillwood Camp in Chilliwack, BC

August 13-18 Dave is speaking at Gardom Lake Bible camp in Enderby, BC

Horse Back riding at Family camp @ Timberline Ranch in Maple Ridge
Horse Back riding at Family camp @ Timberline Ranch in Maple Ridge

Additional prayer items

  1. Continual stamina and focus as Melissa starts her internship for her last year of her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy through ACTS Seminary.
  2. Dedicated rest both personally and as a family, especially given that so many of our weekends are taken up with speaking.
  3. Wisdom as Melissa and I navigate some parenting challenges with Josiah specifically. We have been receiving counsel on how to best work with him amid our family, as we adjust to the all the different challenges and changes involved.
  4. Balance with the juggling of some significant new additions to my job (Dave) with the counselling and groups that have begun, while still managing my other roles.
  5. Spiritual protection for our family.
  6. Focus for Dave as he writes and produces applicable content that is Christ-centered.
  7. Last but not least, our account. Around this time of year our personal account does get low. Melissa’s checks are not covered at all and pay for Dave is touch and go as well. That said, we KNOW that God will continue to be faithful, and we thank you for your prayers and donations! Again, in all sincerity and with deep appreciation we couldn’t do this without your support!


God Bless,

Dave, Melissa, Leigha, Josiah and Toby!

Dave with his daughters waiting to go and see NEED TO BREATHE in concert!
Dave with his daughters waiting to go and see NEED TO BREATHE in concert!

October-December 2016 Ministry update

We have been a little behind with our ministry update this semester, our apologies.

Here is our latest update with a review from our summer and leading into the winter season.


God continues to bless us as we serve Him and follow His lead! This past summer we spent a LOT time with people (over 600); getting to know the heart of individuals, camp counselors, executive and program directors, and of course campers. We also had the added blessing of serving together as a couple, and many times, as a family! It was humbling and exciting to hear about Leigha helping lead a camper to the Lord in her cabin, how Josiah took leadership in his cabin, and how all three of them took turns encouraging peers their own age at the camps we were ministering at! Here are some things that stood out to me at the individual camps this year:


Timberline Ranch (2x) – Timberlines passion is sharing the gospel with those who have never heard, in word and dynamic drama presentations. This year they did that with an Olympic theme teaching about what it means to win the “gold” in our race of faith.

Camp Bob – is a place for the fatherless to be loved and meet their real Father doing this particularly by growing roots deep into His love and truth.

Camp Squeah (2x)- Squeah’s intentional focus on relationships and the value of life-long pursuit of community is powerful and built up with the understanding of God as author of our life.

Gardom Lake Bible Camp – has a passion and gift for making Disciples with a perfect balance of love and challenge; their theme was “dive in” and I shared illustrations of one of my passions – snorkeling.

Pines Bible Camp – Pines is a place that expresses a love for life and joy in spirit, a place that longs to be home for everyone. Their theme was Olympic too and we taught about running the race for Christ with perseverance to the family camp there.


What an incredible honor it was to be welcomed and invited to serve and share in these camps, and share in their journey. Even though we did a total of 7 camps between June and the end of August (more than last year – it was a record for Dave to speak 60 times this summer!), they were slightly more spread out this year so it felt like we could breathe and prepare between most of them along the way. I will admit that even with the spread, our kids were pretty “camped out” by the end of it all.


Our summer ended with barely enough time to unpack, which meant we didn’t really have much time to prepare for the school year (and in some ways are still trying to get caught up). In the middle of all that Dave was moving into our new DFR office and helping with a few last minute fixes and renovations which required a LOT of furniture moving to make it happen. Thank you to those who helped, we are VERY excited to finally have a place where we can be a team!


So, as you can imagine, the first couple of weeks of school were a bit rough. All of us felt some degree of added anxiety with Melissa in full-time school and the kids heading back as well, but we seem to have worked through the adjustment pains and are finding a rhythm now.


Speaking of anxiety, one of our upcoming events is a workshop on anxiety at Columbia Bible College’s Educators Conference: http://www.columbiabc.edu/file/EC-Brochure.pdf on November 5th; where we will be teaching on how to handle and reduce anxiety in your child’s life. Something that is VERY real in our culture, and something we strive to implement daily with our own kids.


Dave has a couple of thoughts on the topic that you can find on my blog:


Dave also has an article being published in November about the importance of focusing on our REAL family at Christmas time, and what that can mean for you as a couple and family. If you would like to check out the magazine where my articles are published click here:

October 20-24 – Dave will be performing a wedding in Manitoba

November 1 -Our official office Grand Opening Celebration – You are all invited                                                  3:30-6:00pm! (more details to come)

November 5 – CBC Educators Conference, Columbia Bible College

November 13 – Preaching in Richmond, BC @ Peace Mennonite Church

November 25-27-Fusion 1-day marriage weekend, Penticton Church of the                                                                        Nazarene, Penticton, BC


Dave is currently partnered with Northview Community Church to run an accountability and mentorship group for young adults, which meets every other week on Sunday evenings.


Nov. 3 – Dave launched Doing Family Right’s first Porn recovery/support group for men that will meet weekly.



  1. For endurance and focus to be able to juggle all the balls we have in the air, between fixing the basement and re-doing some exterior drainage, to all of the kids’ events, Melissa’s schooling, our work here at DFR, and being Grandparents – our plate is full! We deeply appreciate your prayers AND words of encouragement!
  2. For God’s continued provision financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. That we would rely on His Spirit for our sustenance and express His fruit as a result of what it means to abide in Him.
  3. For continued opportunity to share and use the gifts God has given us. We want to be used by Him to reach out wherever He leads, with the anointing of His Holy Spirit as our hearts desire is to be His hands and feet, and lead others to do the same.
  4. Stamina and focus for Melissa as she juggles her Master’s degree and all the other things involved in her life.
  5. With Christmas approaching, I know…it feels WAY too soon to mention…if you can prayerfully consider either financially supporting us in a one-time donation or as a regular supporter, we would really appreciate your support and partnership. Here is a link to download our form: https://davidmcvety.com/donate/



Thank YOU all for your continued support, prayers, friendship, and help spreading the word about what God has called us to do as a family.


Dave & Melissa McVety (Leigha, Josiah, and Toby too!)

McVety Summer 2016 Schedule and Prayer Requests


Click here for our FULL update letter


How you can pray for us:

  1. For balance in our lives as we wear all the different hats in our daily lives.
  2. For God’s guidance and our reliance on Him daily.
  3. Finances; God continues to provide but we still see the need to be good stewards and do our part sharing our continued need. Melissa may not be paid a salary for more than half of this year so continued prayer for financial support is greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing how God will provide.
  4. Melissa’s schooling, strength and clarity as she learns all God has in store for her to learn.
  5. For adjustments for our kids as they head back to public school and into Middle School for the first time.
  6. We would LOVE for you to join us in prayer during the weeks and weekend that we are speaking… follow along with us by cutting out our coming schedule below…


Here is our schedule:


May 28: Melissa will be speaking to the ladies Spanish community, Nazarene church in Coquitlam, BC “Spring Cleaning for the Soul”


June 3–5: The McVety’s will be at Timberline Ranch, Maple Ridge, BC, for Family Camp.


June 19: The McVety’s, Richmond Pacific Grace MB, Speaking to Youth on the topic of Porn & doing the Sunday Sermon.


July 1-4: Timberline Ranch kids camp,Maple Ridge BC, Ages 11-13 yr olds, “Going for Gold”


July 10-15: Camp Bob in Campbell River, Ages 11-13 yr olds, Theme – “Where adventure begins”


July 17-22: Camp Squeah, Hope BC, Family Camp, Theme “A part of my story”


July 29-Aug 1: Pines Bible Camp, Grand Forks BC, Family Camp, Theme “Going for Gold”


Aug. 7: Preaching at Grace Church, Abbotsford BC


Aug. 14-19: Gardom Lake Bible Camp, Enderby BC, Ages 11-13, Theme “Diving In”


Aug. 21-26: Camp Squeah, Hope BC, Ages 13-15, Theme “A part of my story”


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