Podcasts Featuring the McVetys

It has been a while since I’ve posted a podcast update for everyone.

Here are some of our most recent additions to podcasts that Melissa and I recorded with the DFR team. Thanks for listening, our prayer is that your marriage and family would be blessed and strengthened by our honesty and sharing.

Podcast 50: Securing Your Freedom From Pornography: What Wise Men Addicted Can Do

Podcast 55: Trusting God with the Prodigal: What Happens when Your Teen Rebels?

Podcast 56: PARENT ALERT: 16 Phone Apps Smart Parents are Aware Of

Podcast 59: Bully-Proof: Helping Your Kids through the Hard Stuff

Podcast 61: What to Do If Your Child is Into Porn?

Podcast 64: What Happens When the Butterflies of Love Die?

Speaking Life – A New Year’s Challenge for a Family Mission

As many of you know we had an incredibly busy summer. Only being home for less than two weeks all summer was an adventure, but it was also kind of hard on our kids.

As much as they got incredible experiences of being at different camps and doing things like sailing and rock climbing that others may never be able to do, they were worn out and tired by the end.

Melissa and I understood, we were missing home too. We needed to think of a way to bring our children into the experience of serving and ministering to others Continue reading

Rules – Relationship = Rebellion; A Parenting Principle

A core theme that we teach at Doing Family Right is this:

“Rules without Relationship = Rebellion.”

Dr. Dave Currie was the first person I heard it from, and he doesn’t hesitate to admit that he heard it first from someone else, but we have grabbed onto it and developed it from there. This statement usually causes some degree of bewilderment for many who initially hear it, but that quickly fades to understanding when we illustrate it.

Let me first ask, do you ever break the speed limit? Continue reading

A Disturbing Culture Shift: Popular Apps and Websites and What They Tell us About Today’s Youth

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend and shift in the current teen culture. The point of awareness came to me when I was preparing and researching different apps that are currently popular with teens.Anonymous selfie

In my naivety I assumed that teens were into the apps and sites that I am accustomed to and personally use. I found myself thinking things like “these are popular and main stream” but quickly found that what I consider normal and popular, like so many generations from the past, is no longer popular with newer generations.

I first started asking what was going on when I kept hearing that teens simply weren’t interested in Facebook. Continue reading