Speaking Life – A New Year’s Challenge for a Family Mission

As many of you know we had an incredibly busy summer. Only being home for less than two weeks all summer was an adventure, but it was also kind of hard on our kids.

As much as they got incredible experiences of being at different camps and doing things like sailing and rock climbing that others may never be able to do, they were worn out and tired by the end.

Melissa and I understood, we were missing home too. We needed to think of a way to bring our children into the experience of serving and ministering to others Continue reading

4 Ways to Swing Your Kids Towards Jesus

Have you ever seen those pictures with kids swinging? Not the ones where they are on an actual swing, the ones where they Toby swingingare holding their parents’ hands and being swung in a circle. The look of pure joy on their face is incomparable. The smile is without reservation and joy exudes from every pore of their body.

I love those pictures. They make me smile and bring happiness to my heart. I believe that they have incredible potential to give us a picture of what its like to build our children’s faith. Continue reading